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The work is extraordinarily detailed with respect to bone, muscle and cranial features. So much that one could infer as to the origin of its genetics. The large nasal cavity could imply an elaborate respiratory system. The horns protruding from the head show signs of possibly occurring during puberty. The muscle density show signs of low body fat with a high degree of climbing to develop the shoulders. The muscle on the neck could have been developed from having to constantly be aware of his surroundings implying hunting alone, not living in close knit groups or their society being based on physical strength instead of ingenuity.
Aside note that the attractiveness of these species implies its women are hideous by human standards or extremely horny :P.
Since this is just a facial portrait I am assuming the body is still in development? It would be interesting to see how you plan to depict the rest of this race. An excellent depiction as always. You are truly an excellent artist and craftsman.

Congrats on the hard work.
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